Farming Simulator 19 – Secrets was Revealed!

Farming Simulator 19 – Secrets was Revealed!

What We Know about Farming Simulator 19

1. More than one new crop.
2. Farming Simulator 19 AI Improved.
3. FS19 Maps can be converted from FS17. (But shall need some work)
4. More FS19 Character customisation.
5. Realistic Sky: Moving sun & moon.
6. Weather: Fog better, more real.
7. Clouds: Are 3D, meaning they will not only be there they will turn grey before it starts to rain, so you can predict the weather.
8. New engine capabilities: High dynamic range, bloom, global illumination, light scattering, dynamic eye adaption, depth of field, colour grading.
9. New Maps: A total of 3 maps 2 that will be brand new. Estancia Lapacho will come over in FS19.
10. New animals: Horses, Dogs.
11. New BIG Brands.
12. New mechanics.
13. New crops.

Giants Software and Focus Home Interactive announce today Farming Simulator 19 , arriving on consoles and PCs towards the end of 2018 .

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