Farming Simulator 19 with 4K/60fps – More Power Required

Farming Simulator 19 with 4K/60fps – More Power Required

Giants Software notes that it didn’t take long to support higher resolutions in today’s consoles.

The Electronic Entertainment Expo starts in full earnest on today with Electronic Arts presenting its latest wares at EA Play. However, unlike last year, there don’t seem to be any major hardware announcements like the Xbox One X on the horizon. For that matter, Sony went ahead and confirmed that there would be no PlayStation 5-related announcement at E3. The question of when the next cycle of consoles arrives remains, however.

GamingBolt spoke to the development team at Giants Software, currently working on Farming Simulator 19 (which will have more details at the expo). Given how the current generation of consoles is going, what is the biggest expectation from the next PlayStation and Xbox?

The team replied, “More RAM, more cores, more HDD space (e.g. for mods)…well, more power. Doesn’t sound too exciting but there’s a lot we can do with that extra oomph.”

As for whether the next console generation would be heading into 4K resolution, 60 frames per second territory, the developer noted that, “It sounds like a logical evolution. That said, I’d say only half of my friends who own a PS4 have already upgraded their TV to 4K. The technical oriented ones have or are thinking about it, others usually still are wondering, if it’s really necessary.”

From the sound of it, 4K TVs in general have a ways to go before being accepted. “They might wait until their current TV finally breaks down and then the new one will be 4K. From the technical side we’d like that though and it also didn’t take us long to support the higher resolution modes of the PS4 Pro and Xbox One X.”

Releasing later this year, Farming Simulator 19 will be heading to Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

Farming Simulator 19

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